With A Soft Fingertip

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina 

“But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not” 
(John 8:6b)

What were You writing in the sun-soaked sand?

An inscription of an answer to the judgment of man?

A poor woman stricken with a lustful will

Yet forgiven in an instant because Your mercy is real

But others set to stone her

Maligned the woman they did

Misunderstood the doctrine of Christ

That neither spoken or unspoken sin are hid

But go in peace You said to her

For her sins hath been forgiven

She was certainly perplexed

Yet a new life had been given

So this is the example, the merciful reality

That we are made whole through our spirituality

Not ours but Christ only given from above

Through the death of the Son because of God’s love