Parkside, Wilmington, North Carolina

“And be not faithless, but believing” (John 20:27b)

In the Person of Jesus

Have I come to know

Why God extends mercy

And why He withholds

Individuals who betrayed

My own dignity stained

Friendships diced

Blood turned to ice

When I forsook God

My life became void

Loneliness employed

Holiness nearly destroyed

Although sin rebounded

I lived with a conscience proud

My love sound

But by pleasures was I bound

Jesus Christ sojourned

When the enemy lashed out

Out casted and cast out

From me silence, no shout

His Humble Spirit clung

To my bones, hung

On the tree

Somehow He loved me

Days, months, weeks

More than I could speak

His promise foretold

A renewed world in reach

Dare I mistake

The God Of Glory Who spake

All that is created

Even the One Who is most hated

A recent past

Immersed in glass

Transparent to my senses

My God His gain is limitless

I pardoned my self

Stepped out of my skin

Joined with the Ghost

My King, my Friend

Abruptly withheld

A test of pass/fail

Trust, I, the Lord Of Hosts

Or the lies in Hell

And the signs direct

His words are correct

Occurrences resurrect

Faith and belief do connect

My trust trusted Jesus

A Savior born of Mary

His Spirit never varied

Nor His unchanging nature