Renewal Of Time

O Merciful Father,

In the absence of my goodness

I entreated myself to commit sin.

Moments spent in affliction,

I did not regard Your infinite grace.

Rather, I partook of the temptations

weighed upon my soul by the evil one.

My life reflected the regret of my actions

and even in the midst of happiness, I was distressed.

My Eternal God, grant me serenity.

From my most inconceivable thoughts, actions, and failures

to minute transgressions that offend me greatly,

please be with me.                                                        

Heal my trespasses with dignity; return to me righteousness.

Nourish my conscience on its return to steadfastness.

Cleanse my desires and purify my intuitions.

At last, my Heavenly Father

allow me to recover in Your presence.

Forgive me for those moments that I cannot return to

yet let all of my darkness in time be restored to Your glory.

I pray, at this very instant, transform me further

into the fruit of Your Spirit, that all that is done

may be committed in the reverence and glory

of the Most High and Blessed Holy Trinity.

In the name of Jesus my Savior, I pray, amen.