Whom Shall I Serve?

It is a blatant answer

Foreordained in my heart

I will serve Jesus The Christ

To Him my likening impart

But I am trembling fierce

And my darkness in obscurity lingers

My maturity wanes in angst

Tarrying for an impregnated dreamer

Peradventure I am closed off

Shut away into my shaft

Buried in the tunnels of smuggling

Enclosed by the dreading drafts

One peek of light dwindles

The hole peeping with a whimper

Can my candle in my soul

Hold true to the temple?

My metaphors are symbols

Symbols acting as signs

Signs memorializing sacraments

Chanting, incensing, gravitating toward The Divine

The Blood of Jesus, His Blood

The Lamb Who takes away sin

My God, Humble Savior

With Whom there lies an end, but no end

Crawling to the core of earth

Visible yet am I

Losing my life in intention

“Is it not I?”

Who is above the Heavens

Under the earth-

Subdued His creation

In me completing a good work