Virgin Annunciation

Oh Mother most blessed

Humbly rejecting pious pride

For did Gabriel seek you

In the angel did you confide

Forthwith you came

With a faith to be captured

Hail, Thou art highly favored

Your obedience mastered

Blessed among women

Above the remainder

Announced in praise

By a glorious stranger

Song of redemption

Canticle of The Virgin

Magnifcat of The New Testament

Splendorous version

Queen of Peace

Exalted worth

We pray to be as Christ

Through Whom you birthed

Announced One,

Your Mother was pleased to see that holy angel inform Her of a hidden truth. Revealed to her in that hour was the Son of God planted in Her. How blessed was She, and yet how blessed are we to have been made sons and daughters through You, of the Eternal God. We pray to be faithful as Your Mother, to be humbly aware of Your kinship with our souls. In Jesus’ name. Amen.