Redemption In This Child

Mary beckoned to Joseph one day

I carry a conceived soul in my womb

With rejoice I accepted and now say

Blessed be the Name of The Lord

And indeed, him just, sought to put her away

For fear he felt in his heart

But an angel arrived to prepare God’s way

Through a dream, instead of psaltery and harp

King of The Jews, Emmanuel

Shall this Newborn be

Eternally faithful for all His Sheep

And raised to set the captives free     

“Behold!” he said, for Gabriel he was

Mary carrieth a Savior for mankind

Wrought to erase sin from the earth

And in human flesh He shall be divine

Joseph arose from the trance in sleep

To immediately fulfill the words of grace

Granted by God’s favor in heap

He relocated Mary to a safer place

Out of Egypt they followed

The leading of the Creator’s call

Therefore settling in tranquil Bethlehem

Where present there lay a stable with straw

Upon the night of His Precious Birth

There came forth the future Risen Son

Mary and Joseph welcomed salvation

Which would be professed with every tongue

Jesus Christ,

This is the day of Your Holy Birth. May Your impartation of the Divine Grace of God be actualized in our hearts. For the salvation of the world, may we chant the hallowed peace of Your infancy. Praise, glory, honor, supremacy, authority, dominion be to the Holy Wise Child. Reveal Thyself in peace. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.