Joseph Thou Wast Chosen

The carpenter stood with quiet concentration

As The Child ran about

With your wife calling unto you

With the comfort of a shout

Your hands indeed they toil much

As you place the boards

In precise positions with measurement

So was your work for the Lord

Oh Joseph thou wast chosen

For the merciful story

Brought to witness the Son of God

By the Father’s benevolent glory

While the sweat poured forth from your brow

Jesus of Nazareth grew to a man

Preaching the Gospel for humanity

You understood He was the great I AM

On the longest days your praise was met

With subtle teachings of deed

The Fatherhood from the Lord to Jesus

Was reflected in your miraculous creed

The Blessed Virgin she came

And nurtured your Precious Son

Proclaiming the grandeur of God

And professing love under the Sun

When the night therefore came

You sought to gain rest

Awaiting the known future

Of the King Most Blessed

Herald of God’s Son,

When Thou didst take Mary to be Thy Lofty Wedded Wife, She birthed for Thee a Divine Sign, Herself signifying The Salvation of The World. How blessed Thou wert and art for evermore to have dwelled under the same roof as Mercy Liveth, and to share in the fatherly duties with The Son of Righteousness. We pray to Thee in earnest to favor us with the manly ways of God and the fatherhood of a Christian, who ourselves shall help to procreate with a Godly woman, altogether fashioning a generation of life and believers unto God Himself. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.