Wise Men From The East

An epiphany, revelation

On the day of visitation

His Name prospered in the East

A majestic Prince of Peace

Three Kings, Theophany

Magi, prophesier

Unfolding gifts at will

The star delivering them near

A young child with Mary

In her home with care

The wise men in extravagance

Oils, ointment made bear

Prostrate, outstretched

Adorning in posture

For The King was now flesh

For certain not an imposture

Likewise the fake

King Herod in his audacity

Directed the men post-visit

To activate His infanticide fantasy

But in a dream warned they

An angel of the Lord descended

Flee to your nether parts

Herod’s heart demented, tormented

Thus Mary and Joseph fled

The Israeli retreated before

To satisfy the biblical prophecy

A Nazarene, Bethlehemite no more

Holy God,

We pray to reveal Your Lordship to the nations. We pray to bear witness of the Truth as the wise men did as they returned to their provinces. Most Holy God, may our observation of the Christ Child in our hearts be a witness to save the masses in His Blood and Body. For in His infancy Jesus laid the foundations of salvation, the inception of redemption. In this Child was liberty. In Jesus’ name. Amen.