In the administration of EUTEOTW, the parent organization governing this ministration, And Lo I Am With You Alway strives to record the writings of God pertaining to His special revelations, containing them in such manuscripts that both bless Our Holy God and so do teach and preach The Venerable Name of Jesus. Within this, books, mainly, are therefore compiled in such fashion that elects the sentiments of Christ to be the Heralding Sovereign expressed through language. As these compositions are stored in various poetical works and articles entitled, they are then kept in line, duplicated onto pages specifically, and then distributed wisely in their intent: to ensure the entire world is familiar and proselytized inside of The Holy Trinity’s grace. It is declared by Even Unto The End Of The World, in partnering with its essence in degree, that through The Spirit of The Most High, the successfulness of novelties would befall this particular sector. Would at the expense of Shed Blood, this enterprise become a singular effort of promoting sacred wisdom and keepable knowledge, and as well, be a source for Biblical resources and Catholic doctrine and dogma. In The Name of Our Son, Jeshua. Amen.