“To be rather than to seem”

By the incentive of God’s heavenly glory, and together with The Immaculate Heart of The Blessed Virgin Mary, conjoined with The Holy Ghost of Power, in The Most Holy and Sacred Name of Jesus Christ, Son of The Father and The Woman, we dare to pray, in the excess of devotion and personal admiration, to this extent, for the State of North Carolina. 

With the Archangels present, amassed with an array of angels surrounding, also paired with that Angelic Cloud of Witnesses, Saints and Elders and Christians alike, we in one accord align our intercession with theirs, in the Hallelujah Chorus, by acclaiming:

On the first day of creation, when the earth was void and without form, Thou in Thy provisions saw what would be of this holy province and eventual state, that of Carolina. In Thy magnificence, Thou didst erect the plane and defined it before it was named, to be a servitude for the Carolinian peoples. That, it would be called: North Carolina. For this we bless Thee. 

On the second day of creation, native feet touched the landscape of these glorious figures. The panting over the rocky coves of the Cherokee mountains, or the island tribes of those Waccamaw which did inhabit lakes and backwater groves. The Piedmont with arrowheads found below the glistening bodies of stillwater, these indigenous shared the joy of an unencompassed pasture, to which Thou givest The Sheep, and they know Thy Name. For this, we profess Thee. 

On the third day of creation, explorers from the vast sea, driven by The Wind of The Spirit, made landfall on our coast, declaring their ventures as England, France, Spain, and those of the Europeans, knowing that it would be a haven, a lush and vegetative farmland, for the multitude of residents who would one day dwell there. For Thou wast intelligent, planting fervent grapes and rolling hills of crops, lumber for working, and agriculture, livestock, and wild animals aplenty. For this, we are grateful to Thee. 

On the fourth day of creation, those appointed as lords were not The Lord of Hosts, but obeyed their duties to dictate to which settler one would inherit for the grant of this coveted land. It was promised and was ripe for the picking, wherein the population was scarce, but the untouched virgin forests awaited their betrothal to colonists. How benevolent Thou art with the ingenuity’s strands of hardwoods, or the soft pines of the coastal marshes, or the cypress swamps teaming with life. In Thee is The Light and Life of Men! For Thy tranquilities, we applaud Thee. 

On the fifth day of creation, splendidness arose when capital precincts were established, and the way of proper living soon unfolded. Those Inner Banks flourishing from the Roanoke southward to Cape Fear. How the Athens of The South was firstly crowned as center, The Southern Tea Party separating from her colonial mother country, and Newtown funneling the supplies of a New World port, stationing and harboring her love at the tip of the shoals. For these and Thy fellow governances, we honor Thee. 

On the sixth day, Thy defiance was felt in our bones, as wildfire burns the underbrush. The local militias and those under taxation did respond with Holy anger. Righteous men didst come forth with weapons, and against a tyrant, made fury with their inheritances, unto which we Scots-Irish, we German and Welsh did band unto a single harmony. The Hornet’s Nest of rebellion, and the tar underneath our heels, we stood ground in contrast to those invaders of our freedoms. Birthed in Thee, was the free indeed clause, and so we believed in Jesus Be. We were delivered at once. For this, we do confess Thee. 

On the seventh day of creation, the banking motif was Thine, from the land tracts of Wachovia, to the trading paths of Trade and Tryon, even the hometown trusts or merchants deposits, these became financial institutions for Thy own treasury of charity. Through much gain, in that we are lost to Thee and profited by Thy Passion, it was heralded in assets both of truth and common morality. For this, we do appreciate Thee. 

On the eighth day of creation, as gold tried in a furnace found at Reed’s and The Hill, or as Carolina Blue flushing over the skies, The Blood of The Anointed One has to usward come in heavy deluge. As the painted Azaleas or the greenery of Mitchell, our earthen sculptures cannot dissolve what beauty Thou hast rendered us. Ponies and Mustangs, Parakeets, and the migrations, match they with the sparkling tonic that is The Old North State. For this, we appraise Thee. 

On the ninth day of creation, and in summary sure, the Appalachia or the barrier shores, we are commending Thee. How dedicated we are to the protection and this providential abode. None such has succeeded in reversing its wealth of firsts. Land of Ancient Firsts, the first in flight, the first in battalion, the first in verification, the first in sight, we are spent to make known The Tar Heel State because Thou hast made Thyself known. And many a preacher, including our Reverend, have spoken Gospel to our neighbor. And so we love Thee and love what Thou hast declared. In recompense for it all, we do implore Thee. 

By the penance and service of Father Thomas Price, Venerated and Adopted, 

Hear our prayer

By the recognition and the virtue of Dr. William Franklin Graham, Remembered and Beloved, 

Hear our prayer

By the faithful and cherished mediation of Our Lady of Charlotte, Acknowledged and Beseeched, 

Hear our prayer

And for every citizen of this divine fortune we sit upon, as a throne we have not endeavored to realize, May God’s finest hour be ours as we surrender to His will, and thus proclaim Him as The Just Savior, by Whom we have been infused with the spectacular, but sweetest home, for which to nothing compares. 

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.