Founder of Even Unto The End Of The World and And Lo I Am With You Alway, and host of his radio program, In The Apostles Doctrine, Matthew Pope began his ministerial writing officially in November of 2013. The author of six previous books, Matthew spends his time blogging, photographing scenic North Carolina, traveling the state, and indulging in its’ history. His passion for the North Carolina Tar Heels is family-related, as is his state pride. With Four Goals, Matthew seeks to consistently strive in glorifying God in conversation, service, writing, praying, and in all ways possible. He intends to further The Kingdom of God, relentlessly advancing The Church to the ends of the world: teaching and preaching The Gospel of Salvation. He desires to unite all Christians under the Lordship of Jesus, educating in and promoting ecumenical language, movements, and relationships, encouraging all denominations come together to exalt The Savior. Finally, Matthew’s inspiration is to be forever an evangelist, through God’s Divine Grace. He currently lives in Wake Forest, North Carolina where he ardently practices his Roman Catholic Faith.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, 
to them who are the called according to his purpose
(Romans 8:28)

Precise with the immediate care for The Sheepfold, this umbrella organization, and cavalier of the tri-union of ministries, Even Unto The End Of The World, And Lo I Am With You Alway, and In The Apostles Doctrine, each within this singular confraternity, works to bring about the instantaneous and sanctifying measures of God’s grace through Jesus Christ by The Holy Spirit incessantly. In efforts to depose of that which contradicts God’s Law and The Holy Word, it is only concerning then that this congregational polity and authorship led assembly is designed by Intelligence to render all manners of men and women to the delegation of faith by sight, and trust by hearing. Rooted in Scriptural elegance, and divinely undergirded, it is by the mere shortage of man’s knowledge, and furthermore The Wisdom that perpetuates the affiliations and the administrations of this corporate body. Together with The Mary Seat, and The Bema Seat, and The Judgment of One, we acclaim solely that which edifies, strengthens, stimulates, and propels rests alone with this undertaking for the betterment of The People of God and The Cloud of Witnesses. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.